Thursday, 26 May 2016

Jutland Pants

Behold the most patient man in the Universe:

I'm feeling a bit sheepish to admit these are the first thing I have ever made this guy as I am a self confessed selfish to the bone. The guilt finally got the better of me this year though and I have somehow managed to tear myself away from my vast sewing queue to make these Jutland Pants by Thread Theory.

I purchased both the Jedediah and the Jutland pants and was eager to sew up a funky pair of Jedediah pants first but he was adamant he needed some heavy duty work pants. Personally, I would never be excited about making work clothes for myself that I knew were going to get destroyed, but each to his own.

These are variation 2 which has reinforced knees and ankles and cargo pockets, making them more tradesman friendly but a little bit more fiddly. But hey, at least I got out of making back welt pockets as this version has patch pockets instead.

Wayan fell into the size 30 measurements. As I have zero experience with man sewing and thread theory patterns I went with this but I changed the construction order (and thoroughly confused myself in the process) so that I could do a good fitting of the pants before the waistband was all done, dusted and impossible to change. They ended up pretty much perfect as I just had to take them in a smidge at the waist. These will be the first work pants that Wayan has had that don't need a belt to keep them up!

Being on the shorter end of the height spectrum **cough** I took 17cm out of the leg in 3 places for Wayan. This turned out to be a bit ruthless as I reckon they're a touch short but it's not really an issue as they'll be worn with work boots anyway.

I have to admit that these pants seemed to take for eeeeeeever and towards the end I was getting really REALLY grumpy. It seems there is only so much selfless sewing that I can take.

But all the effort was worth it because he says they're the most comfortable work pants he's ever had. Phew! Now I can get back to that queue...

What's your thoughts on man sewing? Do you do it? Do you enjoy it?


Pattern: Jutland Pants by Thread Theory
Size: 30
Fabric: Sturdy cotton from The Fabric Store
Mods: Taken in slightly at the waist and shortened considerably
Verdict: A winner!


  1. They look great! Good on you for making pants for your man. I made Ben a shirt which was actually an OK experience. I am putting off making pants for bim because he has a big bum and I'm worried about fitting woes!!!

    1. Ugh, fitting issues! Luckily Wayan is a pin albeit a short one. If he was irregular shaped in any way I think I'd give up before I started!

  2. Maybe Wayan is on to something... if these get destroyed, maybe he'll get another pair more quickly? :) And I suppose there is something wonderful about having the garments you wear every day be handmade.

    Selfishly, I think a lot of male-oriented patterns are good for mastering RTW techniques that I like to bring back into my own sewing. Like those cargo pockets, wow! Nicely done all around!

    1. When I see him in pants I made him I do feel warm and fuzzy inside :) and yes you're right - I learned a lot by making these pants!

  3. Man sewing! God it's boring isn't it. It comes down to (a) not being for me, (b) not being for me, (c) boring twill solid coloured fabrics, (d) not being for me. But bless them they're so appreciative aren't they? These are great and how wonderful they're such a great fit. I've made the jeds for my honey and he does wear them basically once a week in summer (shorts version) so I can't say he hasn't got his money's worth. You've earned yourself a year of sewing for self with these ones lady.

    1. Totes boring! And annoying. I'm thinking one piece a year, maaaaaaybe two shall suffice. Next up are the Jeds as they look like a great pattern :)

  4. Ooh, these look lovely! But man, I bet they were time-consuming! I like to sew for my fella, but I seldom actually get around to it. I think one big reason is that the stuff that he wants seems really dumb or impractical to me (um... pin-striped trousers was one thing he requested, this for a guy who has worn jeans every day of his life and would look strange dressed up at his casual office). Also, it's stuff that just takes more time- buttondowns, pants, jackets. If he wanted t-shirts or something like that I'd be really happy to whip them up! :)