Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Turtle Power

Turtlenecks. Skivvies. I'm not sure what the difference is, I just know I haven't worn them since my pre-school days

Until now.

You see I still have residual trauma (and I know I'm not alone here) from being bound and gagged by skivvies as a youngster night after night.

I'm not exactly sure what compelled me to purchase the Rise and Fall Turtleneck pattern from Papercut Patterns but it was probably Pinterest and the whole 70's revival thing that's going on right now. I'm also on a self appointed crusade to make wearable mix and match basics. Anyway it seemed like now was as good a time as any to face my Turtleneck fear.

The Rise and Fall Turtleneck pattern is described as "The perfect turtleneck pattern to help ease you through the cooler months. This pattern has two completely different variations, a chic fitted version, or a dropped shoulder loose fitting option. These are wardrobe staples!"

Sounds good.

I started with the Rise (chic fitted version) in a superfine black merino from The Fabric Store. According to the size chart I am an XS which I was dubious about due to previous experience with Papercut Patterns being too large. Nevertheless I cut an XS just in case. I should have trusted my gut though as it ended up being a little looser than I imagined so next time I will size down. It was a VERY easy and quick make. The best news is I experienced absolutely no strangling, choking or gagging! It is so warm and comfortable and I haven't stopped wearing it since I made it. I can see myself making more in different colours and stripes and polka dots too. Other than sizing down the only other change I will make next time is to lengthen it by an inch or so as it is a bit too short for my liking.

Next I made the Fall (dropped shoulder loose fitting option) in a super chunky red merino also from The Fabric Store. This is the style that all the cool kids down at The Fabric Store have made up and put on display. Naturally I thought that I too would be a cool kid after making the Fall. You know those makes that you excitedly put on as soon as you've finished the last stitch and, look in the mirror thinking you're going to love what you see and you're like whaaaaat? Yeah well this was one of those. The image that looked at me from the mirror was less cool kid and more 1970's skier. Perhaps the fabric is too heavy or too red. Whatever. It's just didn't feel "me". Despite these feelings I have literally worn it every day as it is so darn warm and comfortable and the look is growing on me. 

I lengthened the Fall by 6cm (one of the cool kids told me to). I'm glad I did because it would have been too short otherwise. Luckily I tried the turtleneck on before I sewed it to the neckline because it was massive! Because my fabric was heavy it didn't drape like the one on the model and was creeping up my chin. - Gagorama! I shortened the turtleneck by 5cm by taking 10cm off the unfolded tube. The first day I wore it I did experience choking guys, just warning you. Again it could be due to my stiffish fabric. I don't seem to notice it anymore though so I may just have conquered the fear of the turtleneck.


Rise Turtleneck: size XS, superfine merino. No alterations but will lengthen and size down next time

Fall Turtleneck: size XS, thick merino. Lengthened by 6cm and shortened the turtleneck by 5cm by taking 10cm off the unfolded tube.

Skirt: Cynthia Rowley which I posted here but have chopped into a mini.