Sunday, 9 November 2014

Straight Cut Sarouel Pants - Yoshiko Tsukiori

This is not a very exciting project but it kind of is.

Sometimes the simplest things can have the most impact. Like these harem pants which I whipped up one afternoon and have been wearing ever since. Every. Single. Day. (I'm a stay at home Mum)

I've made more technical, more trendy, more luxurious items in my time but almost nothing has got more mileage than these pants and that I suppose, is why I am blogging about them. Okay I admit, it's not really that exciting but it's definitely satisfying.

I'm kind of obsessed with Japanese patterns by Yoshiko Tsukiori who has a few books out which I have checked out numerous times from the library.

I got this particular pattern from "Happy Homemade Sew Chic".

The pants are featured on the front cover of the book. The only changes I made were lengthening the legs by a couple of centimetres and elasticating the hems. I got a bit mixed up at one point and sewed the pockets to the ankles (who would have thought that was possible?).  Anyway I decided it wasn't meant to be and left them off completely.

Let's talk fabric. I found this little number at one my forays at Geoff's Emporium.  There were a few florals and paisley fabrics which kept catching my eye but when making harem pants and wide leg pants in general I'm always a little cautious that they turn out looking too pyjama-ish. So I went with an understated (for me) 100% black cotton with a little floral print... which was cheap, but good quality (my favourite combo). Next time I make them (and there certainly will be a next time) I'll try and be a bit bolder with my fabric choice and try a style inspired by a bit of Pinterest Harem eye candy...



  1. I love them! I would never guess they are the ones on the cover, yours are way more fashion forward. I wonder how harem pants would suit me??

    1. Whoa freaky. I literally just finished cutting out my second pair of these, then you made this comment! I have seriously worn these guys to death and I desperately need a new pair. I reckon they would look great on you!!! I would love to see what fabric you come up with :)

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  3. Hi! I just bought Sew Chic book just because i want to learn how to make these pants!!! And yours are so awesome, it's an inspiration! However i am a total beginner and i have just made one pants in my life, in my sewing class! Is it easy enough to make? Do you mind me asking you some questions later regarding the pattern? I am so nervous!!! Thank you !

  4. Hi! I was inspired by your harem pants and tried to make my own. I bought some linen/cotton blend and followed the pattern and they are not comfortable! I am not sure what I did wrong unless I made too small of a size. When I walk, the center panel seams pull against my butt/thigh. I made a 6/8, my hips are 34", waist 30". I'm 5'1". Is this just linen?? I tried to copy the cover model in the book but it is not what I expected. Maybe I should try again in jersey? I hate wasting time sewing and scrapping projects so I thought I"d ask if you had any similar issues.