Sunday, 23 November 2014

Dress E from Stylish Dress Book

Last year, on one of my usual jaunts to the local library I chanced upon "Stylish Dress Book" by Yoshiko Tsukiori and thus began my love affair with her patterns.

Although I loved the patterns, I was a bit dubious at first as they all seemed rather shapeless and boxy which is traditionally not my style at all. I'm a rather petite 5 foot 4 inches and sometimes feel like I've been swallowed whole by large shapeless garments.  Nevertheless after poring through the book and hemming and hawing about which project I should try first, I finally decided on Dress E, which is featured on the front cover.

I didn't really have any particular fabric in mind for my project and after scouring Nicks Fabrics and being thoroughly at a loss, I settled for a blue-themed stretch cotton panel, of which I bought two.

Wow. I have never experienced such clearcut and concise instructions in a sewing pattern, and great illustrations too. Mind you, this dress is hardly rocket science. The hardest part was deciding how to place the the pieces to work with the different parts of the panel. It took me AGES! In the end my decision was to have a navy hem, navy sleeves and navy neck. I didn't want the pockets to blend in to the dress so they are a different pattern to where they were placed.

Yes, this dress is definitely pushing my comfort zone in terms of wearability. It definitely is a lot roomier than what I am used to. I wasn't very excited about the fabric when I bought it, but I actually think it is a winner in this style.

I'm glad I pushed through the mental barrier of donning floaty things. This dress makes me feel happy, like a little girl again, especially when I wear it with my red Saltwater sandals. Since I made it it's been a staple of my wardrobe and wherever I wear it I invariably get comments.

The only thing I would change for next time is to use the same coloured facing for the neck (whoops) and I would probably go down a size. Apart from those two things it's a success in my books :)


  1. I have this book and your dress is so lovely that you've just pushed me over the edge - I will add this one to the ever growing list!

  2. The problem with blog reading is it increases the to do list! If I make it again I will definitely take it in at the sides as it is quite maternity looking, in fact I wore it throughout my pregnancy. Carolyn made it recently and said she took it in considerably, tapering out to 10cm at the hem.

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