Thursday, 30 October 2014

The reincarnation of a wool jacket

Way back in the late nineties my friend Jess found a really cool red, fluffy, hooded jacket in an opshop in Christchurch.

Jacket One (Natty Uni Student)
Dubbed "the elmo coat" I immediately fell in love with it and it became a permanent fixture in my wardrobe (along with a number of her items). I wore this coat to until it literally fell apart. When it finally had to be put to pasture I unpicked it and used it as the pattern for it's next incarnation. I picked up some really cool thick, double sided pink wool fabric from Global fabrics (now The Fabric Store) in Christchurch and made my next snuggly number (this was circa 2002).

Jacket Two

It was with my first rendition of the hooded jacket that I learned a valuable lesson that has served me well to this day: always line anything made with wool fabric with a comfortable fabric as wool itches like hell. Nevertheless I wore the pink number until it could be worn no longer and then reinvented it in the form of a wool plaid coat (fabric from Global Fabrics, and lined with a floral cotton print also from Global Fabrics). 

Jacket Three (funeral)

These three coats served me on an almost daily basis for over a decade. 2013 and the above plaid jacket was looking a little tired so it was time to lay it to rest and search out for a new wool fabric for it's upcoming reincarnation. I didn't have to look far, as a trip to The Fabric Store during one of their epic sales resulted in the purchase of another thick plaid wool, which I teamed with a brown floral cotton fabric picked up from Geoffs Emporium in Dominion Rd. This time I decided to follow a proper pattern so I dug out a pattern from my pattern treasure chest. Is it just me or are all patterns impossible to fit back in the envelope once they have been used?

This turned out to be a pretty good pattern. I added cuffs and a waistband thingy (not sure what its called). As with all plaids and large prints it was a bit of a mission to get everything lined up, and this particular plaid wasn't symmetrical so I had decide where I wanted what stripes. I was pushing the boundaries of my wee Brother sewing machine but we made it in the end. 

I'm really happy with the end result. This is my go to casual jacket and it keeps me lovely and warm and is super comfy.


  1. Hey there! Saw this on kollabora! It's awesome - love the hood. Cheers, Sarah :)

    1. Thanks so much. I love projects that you end up wearing all the time!

  2. I love your jacket and your choice of fabric!! I made a bomber for my daughter just like yours but a little different last year - its on my blog. I also lined her jacket in some soft cotton jersey cause there's no way she would wear it if it was itchy scratchy!

    1. Thanks Eliza. I just love this fabric. I wish I had bought the whole bolt!