Thursday, 16 October 2014

Paper Wall Art

After years of travelling and moving around and not acquiring much stuff I recently moved into a new place and started nesting in preparation for the birth of my first child. I would have loved to brighten up the place by purchasing some colourful artworks, but the bank balance said No!

So I checked out "Home" by Beci Orpin from my local library. Beci is an amazing Australian designer and artist who has produced two inspirational books "Home" and "Find and Keep" which are well worth a read for arty ideas to spruce up your home and life.

Now, I really love art but I am definitely more of a crafter. If I could have I would have painted my own art for the walls, but it wouldn't have been pretty. What I can do however is cut out cardboard shapes and stick them to a wall, so I decided to do a paper wall quilt. I chose a different colour-scheme than Beci's because, well I wanted to. This is an easy project but you have to make sure that you start out completely even - I learned that after I semi-created a wonky cube and had to start again. Beci's wall quilt is more understated than mine. I chose a flame inspired palette which created a rather bright effect. This works well in our lounge as there is not a lot of natural light and it brightens up the room and works well with our existing furniture.

Wall Quilt from "Home" by Beci Orpin

My Wall Quilt

I decided to continue with the cut-out cardboard art theme and created a colourful cube artwork. It involved cutting out diamonds and arranging them to create 3-d like cubes. This one had a blue focus but I put a couple of orange diamonds in to tie it to the other wall quilt.

Both of these easy DIY wall artworks really lifted the vibe of the house. Everyone who comes here for the first time comments on them, and until we can afford to buy some "proper" artwork they are here to stay.

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