Friday, 12 September 2014

Lotta Jansdotter - Simple Sewing for Baby

Lotta Jansdotter is an amazing designer whose Scandinavian heritages permeates all of her creations. I love her simple and functional aesthetic which is based on the natural world and everyday life. I have been a fan of hers for ages so naturally, when I was pregnant and spied her book "Simple Sewing for Baby" in the library I got very excited indeed!

Lotta doesn't lie. When she says "simple" she means it. If you are a new to sewing and a little bit nervous about embarking on your first project this is the book for you. All of the designs are incredibly straightforward and and easy. For the more experienced sewer these patterns could be somewhat of a palate cleanser after working on technical projects - these are the kind of projects which require no mental gymnastics, frustrated googling of tutorials and constant unpicking and resewing.

The first two projects I undertook were the booties and rattle. I would say that the booties are one of the more technical of the projects but still suitable for a novice. I used scraps from previous projects but the fabric originally came from one of my fave stores Bolt of Cloth

Originally the giraffe had a mouth but I unpicked it because it looked weird. The only change I made  to the booties was to replace the fusible polar fleece interfacing ($40 a metre, no way!) with some merino scraps. 

I have a really important point to make: The booties stay on!!!! (Mothers will understand what I'm talking about here)

The next project was the portable changing pad. I thought it might be a good idea to do a simple patchwork of blue fabric scraps. I've never made a quilt before and I have grand plans of doing so in the near future so I thought this would be a good start.

As you can see it's a little bit wobbly around the edges and that is because I used a stretch fabric for the back which is not a good idea - duly noted for next time.

There are lots of other projects in the book which I will try to squeeze in between my selfish sewing, wink.

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