Saturday, 6 September 2014

Patons Family Floppy Beanie

Sewing is my main creative outlet but I also dabble in other mediums, including knitting. Compared to knitting which seems to take an eternity, sewing is instantly gratifying and I quite like that. That said there are times (often late at night) there is something delicious about sitting on the couch with my knitting needles and ball of wool. When Spotlight had a massive sale recently on yarn I got down there, bought me some wool and chose a project which I took from Patons Winter Warmers book 1310. When it comes to knitting I have learned from experience to choose small projects so I can finish them without losing enthusiasm.

I chose the Family Floppy Beanie which is featured on the front cover. It was my first time using double pointed needles and my first hat so I didn't have too much expectation. Despite it being a small project it still seemed to take forever to finish. I think I must be the worlds slowest knitter. Even though mine is not as floppy as the picture I was pleasantly surprised with the end product.

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